Thursday, December 31, 2009

Ninette and Kailey's Photo Contest

Hello! Traveling Ninette here, and welcome to my new side project with my best Kentucky friend, Kailey!
We've discovered that one of our favorite things to do together is take pictures!
My human is a photographer and she not only loves taking pictures, she also likes seeing other people's shots.
So, Kailey and I sat down and had a quick e-mail conversation with her and Kailey's human, Aaryana, and they decided to let us host our very own AG photo contest!

I'm excited; This first one is a trial run, but if it goes well this first month, we will be doing it regularly, with a different theme and prize each month.

So let's get to the good part!

The Theme


Your doll is a celeb, and you've got to get a shot sure to sell magazines.
Did you catch her doing something crazy at a New Year's party? Or did she leave the house in a fashion faux pas? Show us what happened!

Make sure your photo tells the story.

Photos will be published in this blog with a title, but no commentary to explain the photo will be allowed.
Have fun with it, but keep it fairly clean!

The Entry Form

Please send your photo entry to:

You may also use this e-mail for any questions you may have about this contest.

Limit one photo per person per contest please!

Things to include in this email:
Your Photo
The name you go by online
Title of Photo (if you have one)

The Deadline

Photos are due by 6pm on Friday, January 22nd, 2010
Photos received after that date and time will be not accepted, and all bribe attempts/sob stories will be ignored.

The Winner

To keep things fair, Kailey and Ninette will choose their top three favorite photos and post them here, and everyone will get a chance to vote on who they think is deserving.
All photos will be posted in this blog for everyone to see as I get them, though!

Voting will be open for a week. I'll count the votes, we'll announce he/she victorious and start the next round.

The Prize

One first place winner will receive a red Dallas exclusive t-shirt and a pair of blue jean capri pants.
Kei is shown here modeling Syd's set, but the winner's will be brand new from the store with tags.

I'd love to offer more, and may in the furture, but right now we're hosting a photo contest on a budget. Please don't enter expecting to win Lanie's Camper. :)

The Fine Print

This photo contest is being held because I (Captain Syd) love photos and photography, and neither I nor Aaryana are looking to profit from this in any way, shape or form.
We will never ask you for any personal information except in the case of a winner, and then you will need to send an address for me to send you your prize.
If you'd like to enter simply for the competition and do not wish to receive a prize should you win, that's perfectly acceptable as well.

If you are under 18, you are more than welcome to enter, but please have your parents e-mail me at the address above and let me know that you have their permission to enter this contest BEFORE sending in an entry.
If I find people lying to me about their age, you're going on Kei and Angry Chrissa's hit lists and will be banned from future contests. I'm not kidding on this one; I don't want to get in any trouble with parents.

One photo per person per contest. Photo must be your own, and taken specifically for this contest.

Entry to this contest is absolutely free
(although small donations to help with future prizes are most thoughtful and appreciated.)

No major photoshopping.
Adding your signature or messing around with minor edits is fine, but nothing major, please.
Please keep the signatures on the small size, too, if you add one. I understand not wanting people to take your stuff, but we want to see your photo, not your watermark.
Given the Paparazzi theme of this contest, a black box over your dolls' eyes to protect their identity IS acceptable. ;)

Please keep the main doll an American Girl.
Doesn't matter what kind... mini, 18inch, Bitty, but keep it AG (although we don't mind if other brands make small appearances.)

This contest is not sponsored or endorsed by AG Playthings forum.

So enough with the small talk and fine print! Get out there and get shooting!

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