Friday, January 22, 2010

Paparazzi is Closed and Voting is Now Open!

Ninette and Kailey's first contest is now closed!
Originally, Aaryana and I were going to chose three for everyone to vote on, but we just can't chose our favorites, because we got too many that are just amazing!
So we're going to list them ALL for you to vote on, so leave us a comment with the name of your favorite photo (you may also e-mail me your vote at if you'd like).
Comments on this blog are going to be kept hidden until we unveil our first winner (although if you'd like to comment on the actual entry posts, those will be approved immediately, and I'm sure the photographers would love to see your thoughts!)!

Ninette and Kailey will announce the winner next Friday, and they will receive the pair of AGP cuffed jeans and a red Dallas AG shirt.

To refresh your memories, here are the Entries!

Entry #1 - Sunbathing Lucy - Submitted by Latte

Entry #2 - "It's not a persona, I dress like this all the time." - Submitted by PhenomenalBrandi

Entry #3 - "Underage Barn" - Submitted by Pevensie

Entry #4 - "Lorikeet Loses her Wig" - Submitted by AG*Zipporah

Entry #5 - "Good thing they Don't Have Tongues" - Submitted by ClementineFox

Entry #6 - "Pregnancy Rumor Confirmed" - Submitted by Iknowcool

Entry #7 - "Julia Loses her Temper" - Submitted by rld90

Entry #8 - Wardrobe Malfunction on the Red Carpet" - Submitted by Mommytofive

Entry #9 - "Midgets Mug Miss Victor, Rebecca Rubin Rumored to be Ringleader" - Submitted by MeldeBaggins

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  1. Entry #2 - "It's not a persona, I dress like this all the time."