Friday, May 21, 2010

New Theme Challenge + Mini Giveaway

Hey everyone! Just wanted remind you that this month's contest is closing tomorrow, so if you haven't gotten your photo to me, might want to send it quick! Voting on this round will open tomorrow as well.

Also, my human, Syd, has been wracking her brain for a new theme, but can't make up her mind what she wants to do.
So, we're leaving it up to you!
Post a comment on this blog and let us know what kind of challenge you'd like to see in our next contest.

The person who posts the theme we pick will get their choice of a pair of jeans (we'll link you to pics of the ones she's got to choose from) made by Syd from the Liberty Jane Jeans pattern.

Some of the jeans Syd has made so far:

So put your thinking caps on and starts thinking of themes!


  1. What about a theme based around a color?

  2. What about a theme on what their summer plans are ... traveling, camping, etc.

  3. What about water? It's almost summertime, and there are a million different directions you could go with this.

  4. What about acting out a scene from a TV show or movie? Plenty of options for everyone to do their favorite.

  5. What about being lazy...
    or (I have alot):
    -girls night
    -house pary
    -summer plans(meh)
    -first date
    -(and last one) "sicurity blankets"

  6. I tried to post a comment but it seems to have not worked...
    What about girls night out, you could go from what do your dolls do when your out with the girls to them being out on the town.

  7. June is the month of Dance Recitals, so why not there be a theme around that?

  8. what about my favorite thing about being an American Girl?

  9. Sorry for the acessive comments on the same thing :P It didn't show up so I though it wasn't working right... opps.

  10. Haha, no problem! I have to approve the comments before they'll show up. :D

    And you can comment as many times as you want; I'll take all the ideas I can get on this one!