Saturday, February 27, 2010

March Theme - Jammin' In our Jammies

Ugh, is summer yet?
All Kei, Addy and Sonali want to do is hang out in their PJs, watch Hawaii Five-O DVDs in their tropical gear and dream of warm weather with plenty of sunshine, endless beaches, and lots of kooky palm trees.

This month's theme is a photo free for all!
and anything goes, but with a catch, of course.
Everyone needs to be like Kei, Addy, and Sonali and appear in their PJs.
Other than that minor detail, go wild. Have a slumber party, walk your llama, play at the park... The sky is the limit. Just have fun in your jammies!

Deadline - Photos are due by 6pm on March 21st

Erm, I seem to have forgotten to add the submission info. Yikes.
Please e-mail all entries to Syd at

The Winner of our month long pajama party will receive a brand new pair of jammies, which were donated to us by the terrific Iknowcool, and are modeled here by Sonali!
This is the now retired Sleepover PJ's Set for Dolls and includes the top, pants, slippers, and two hair ties.


  1. I am having a dead brain minute here .. where do I post my photo?? LOL!!

    Ta Ta,

  2. Haha, you send it to me! My e-mail is :D